An Evening with Katy rose bennett

katy rb.png

An introduction from Michael Betteridge (he/him) - Musical Director 


What have we all missed over the past two years? I know I won’t take live performance for granted any more, that’s for sure. But, of course, we’ve also missed each other: significant moments and anniversaries of those we love, casual encounters, and that person you saw at the tram stop on your daily commute every single day but never spoke to. And many of us too will have someone we miss taken too soon by the pandemic. 


The programme for this event was co-curated by the brilliant Katy Rose Bennett in which, together, we have taken songs from her choral lockdown album Alone on a hill, and peppered them alongside work by artists we both admire and offer a perspective on Katy’s work. Songs from our back catalogue by Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush sit alongside new arrangements, for example Unravel by Bjork arranged by Katy herself. 


Katy’s work explores the gamut of emotions and feelings experienced during lockdown, balancing our insecurities and fears, with a real optimism for the positive times ahead. Alongside this work we have the premiere of Manchester Rain composed with, and for, The Sunday Boys by Katy based, in part, on the choir’s experiences of the pandemic. It captures so much of these past two years so authentically and it has been such a joy to be able to present and add it to our repertoire.


We also shared some new repertoire since returning to rehearsals in person. I also hope this event was enjoyed as much as I enjoyed being back with this wonderful choir and working alongside such an energising force as Katy.

Growing Peas - Katy Rose Bennett


Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (arr. John Coates)


This Woman’s Work - Kate Bush (arr. Michael Betteridge)


Unravel - Bjork (arr. Katy Rose Bennett)


Where does it hurt - Katy Rose Bennett


Makes me forget  - Katy Rose Bennett


I have a song - Katy Rose Bennett


Manchester Rain - Katy Rose Bennett (world premiere)


Crossing the Bar - Rani Arbo (arr. Stephen Taberner)

Toxic - performed by Britney Spears (arr. Adam Summers)


Wannabe - performed by The Spice Girls (arr. Nathan Howe)


Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - Billy Joel (arr. Kirk Young)


And so it goes - Billy Joel (arr. Kirby Shaw)


Crazy Little Thing Called Love - performed by Queen (arr. Colin Paterson)


Running Up That Hill - Kate Bush (arr. Alison Crutchley)