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THE SUNDAY BOYS & Meraki Choir

Stay as long as you like

Sunday Boys Bury Parish Church April 2022 81856.JPG

We cried. I held you tight. I said, ‘Friend, Stay as long as you like’.

And we sat up and talked all night.

Inspired by conversations between members of low voiced LGBTQ+ The Sunday Boys and female voice choir Meraki Stay as long as you like is a new choral work for choir and orchestra celebrating platonic friendships between straight women and LGBTQ+ men.

Two intimate stories alternate across the 45 minute work: one from the perspective of a gay man’s friendship forged at university, the other from a young woman who finds solace in the peculiarity and intellect of an older man. Meanwhile interludes evoke broader sentiments of friendship celebrating the unique bonds we make with one another and the memories we share.

Stay as long as you like is supported by public funds from Arts Council England.

Tickets £13 - £16

Composer: Michael Betteridge
Libretto: Rebecca Hurst
Choirs: Meraki and The Sunday Boys
Conductors: Michael Betteridge and Michelle Robinson
Orchestral Leader: Steve Wilkie

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