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Our team behind the scenes

The directors and organising team behind The Sunday Boys play a vital role in fostering inclusivity, artistic expression, audience engagement and ensuring our members feel listened to and encouraged. They are committed to providing a safe and welcoming space for every member and this passionate group work tirelessly to ensure the choir's success. With their dedication, expertise, and unwavering support, the organising team and directors help to make The Sunday Boys something to be incredibly proud of.


Executive Officer (Chair)

Deputy Chair

Finance Director (Treasurer)

Membership Director

Nominee Director

Nominee Director

Nominee Director

External Director

External Director

Matt Saint (He/Him)

David Major (He/Him)

Emmanuel Gianquitto (He/Him)

Alix Ashton (He/They)

Michael Amatt (He/Him)

John Copestake (He/Him)

Ken Sheraton-Cummins (He/Him)

Maria Bota (She/Her)

Susan Clarke (She/Her)

oUR Organising Team


Internal newsletter editor

Web editor

Gig booking

Ken Rode-Bell (He/Him)

Martin Hardman-Linsday (He/Him)

Cas Burton (They/He)

Aben Ripley (They/He)

Our talent


Tom Henderson (He/Him)

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